84050 HDP5000 YMC HID Printer Ribbon

84050 HDP5000 YMC HID Printer Ribbon
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    84050 YMC HDP5000 Printer Fargo/ HID Printer Cartridge

    HDP 5000 YMC full- color ribbon will print Approximately 750 images. It is designed for use in the Fargo/HID HDP5000 and the HDPii retransfer ID badge printers. This ribbon has 3 panels, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta and will print bright full color images. These colors will mix to give you black for darker text and elements. It works with retransfer film as described below to give you true edge to edge printing.

    Specially formulated HDP dye-sublimation ribbons print full-color images onto the underside of clear HDP Film. The HDP Film is then transferred to the card through heat and pressure. HDP printing is a complex, revolutionary technology. Significant engineering energy was exerted to find the perfect combination of color ribbons, clear HDP Film and card materials that work in harmony to create highly durable and consistently excellent quality prints - even on tough-to-print matte finished cards, proximity cards and smart cards!

    Part# 084050,FGO-84050, FARGO-84050, fargo 84050, 84050