84057 HID Global HDP5000 YMCKI Ribbon

84057 HID Global HDP5000 YMCKI Ribbon
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    84057 HDP5000 YMCKI Fargo/HID Ribbon

    The HDP 5000 YMCKI 84057 is a full-color ribbon with resin black and inhibitor panels. It is designed for use in the HDP5000 & HDPii retransfer printing. This ribbon contains 5 panels, yellow, magenta, cyan, black, and an inhibitor panel. The ribbon works in both dual and single sided printing. With single-sided printed you can expect to print roughly 500 images. You can expect to print about 250 cards if you are printing dual-sided. The other option with this card is to print with the YMC panels on one side and the KI panel on the other. This method would give you about 500 cards printed. The YMC panel will provide full color on one side of a card while the KI will give you crisp black text and elements on the reverse side.

    The inhibitor panel is specific to retransfer printing. It will prevent the film from sticking to portions of the cards. This can be useful when the card has things such as signature panels. A layer of film over this would make it difficult to write one.

    Specially formulated HDP dye-sublimation ribbons print full-color images onto the underside of clear HDP Film. The HDP Film is then transferred to the card through heat and pressure. Retransfer printing is a complex, revolutionary technology. Significant engineering energy was exerted to find the perfect combination of color ribbons, clear HDP Film and card materials that work in harmony to create highly durable and consistently excellent quality prints - even on tough-to-print matte finished cards, proximity cards and smart cards!

    This ribbon is perfect for uses by financial institution utilizing the HDPii Plus Printer and Encoder. It allows users to print cards such as credit and debit cards because it preserves the signature panel.

    Ribbon Specs: Manufacturer – Fargo / HID Global Brand – HDP (High Definition Printing) Print Technology – Retransfer Printing Ribbon Type – YMCKI 5 panel, yellow, magenta, cyan, black, inhibitor panel Prints per Ribbon – 500 single sided, 250 dual sided Compatible Printers – HDP5000 & HDPii Financial printer.

    Part# 084057, FGO-84057, FARGO-84057, fargo 84057, 84057