Fargo EZ YMCKO C50 Ribbon Cartridge

Fargo EZ YMCKO C50 Ribbon Cartridge
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    HID / Fargo EZ YMCKO C50 Ribbon Cartridge

    This ribbon cartridge is designed for the C50 entry level printer. It is designed to give you full color prints on your cards. This makes it the perfect ribbon for printing business cards, membership cards, employee IDs, and more! The color panels give you the same range of color as a color inkjet printer which means you get realistic colors every time!

    Cartridge Specifications

    Manufacturer - HID Global / Fargo
    Compatible Printer - C50
    Single or Dual - Single Sided Printing
    Number of Panels - 5 panels; Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, and Clear Overlay
    Number of prints - 100 Single Sided Cards

    Part # Fargo 45410, 45410, 045410, FGO-45410