45213 Fargo DTC4500 BO Printer Ribbon

45213 Fargo DTC4500 BO Printer Ribbon
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    Fargo DTC4500 BO Printer Ribbon

    This ribbon uses Dye-sublimation black and clear overlay panel. It is perfect for printing black text and elements on your cards. This ribbon can be used for single or dual sided printing. It works with the Fargo/HID DTC-4500 ID Badge Printer. It can print up to 1,250 images. Dye Sublimation printing will give you beautiful images on your cards.

    Are you tired of your graphics turning out fuzzy or splotchy? Dye Sub print ribbons might be for you then. Dye sublimation is a technology that allows for shading. This particular ribbon will allow you to get all those middle grey tones in your images. Dye sublimation is perfect for black and white graphics. It allows you to give depth to your images.

    Part# 045213, 45213, FGO-45213,FARGO-45213, fargo 45213