Zebra p330i & p430i Cleaning Card Kit

Zebra p330i & p430i Cleaning Card Kit
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    Zebra Cleaning Card Kit for the p330i and p430i

    Keeping your printer clean helps keep it working! Over time dust and debris can build up and start to cause issues inside your printer. It can even damage your print head. Routine cleaning can help prevent this in your printer. This cleaning kit is made to work with the Zebra p330m, p330i, and p430i DTC (Direct to Card) printers. It contains 5 long T shaped cleaning cards and 5 Short cleaning cards. The long cleaning card clean the belt of your printer using isopropyl alcohol while the short cards clean the feeder and the print head. It is recommended that you clean your printer every 500 prints.

    Kit Contents:

    - 5 Long Cards
    - 5 Short Cards

    Cleaning your printer keeps your cards clean and helps keep the printer functioning optimally. It removes any debris that may be on the cards and protects your printhead. Keeping your printer clean can extend its life and minimize costs.

    Alternate part # 105912g-707, 105912-707
    Part # zebcle, zebra-p330i-p430i-clean