NiSCA PRC-101 Black Resin Ribbon

NiSCA PRC-101 Black Resin Ribbon
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    NiSCA NGBKPRC PRC-101 Black Resin Ribbon

    This solid black ribbon is designed to work in the NiSCA PRC-101 ID printer. It will give you beautiful crisp black text and elements. This ribbon will give you up to 1,000 prints. This ribbon is perfect for printing barcodes as well as fine print and monochrome logos that can be found on the back of gift cards.

    Ribbon Specs

    Brand - NiSCA
    Printer - PRC-101 / PRC101
    Number of Panels - 1 Panel
    Panel Color - Black Resin
    Number of Prints - 1,000 Prints

    Part # NGBKPRC