Zebra Luggage Tag Printer Kit

Zebra Luggage Tag Printer Kit
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    Luggage Tag Printer Kit

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    Printing custom luggage tags has never been easier! This kit will give you everything you need to print your own bag tags. We offer Zebra's newest card printer as the best choice for a luggage tag maker.

    Kit Contents:

    - Zebra ZC100 Card Printer
    - Zebra Classic Card Studio Software 2.0
    - Zebra Load-N-Go™ Full Color YMCKO Ribbon (200 prints)
    - Zebra Load-N-Go™ Monochrome Black Ribbon (2000 prints)
    - 500 Luggage Tags (Standard CR-80 Credit Card Sized Cards)
    - 500 Clear Luggage Loops

    Kit Contents Descriptions

    The ZC100 luggage tag printer is perfect for fast, quality printing. This printer prints on credit card sized PVC and PVC composite plastic cards. This new member to the ZC Series holds up to its name. It provides quick printing for high volume needs or when you need the cards now. It also boasts Zebra quality printing. This is their compact printer for the ZC Series measuring only 10.2 in.(258 mm) H x 6.2 in.(157 mm) W x 15.1 in.(383 mm) D and weighing only 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg.) The compact size and great speed make it perfect for luggage tags.

    This kit also provides you with the software to make your cards. Zebra Classic Card Studio 2.0 makes designing good looking cards easy. This software will guide you through all the steps necessary to set up your cards and get them printing in no time!

    Modity Inc. supplies you with everything you need to get started! We give you two ribbons to get your printing started. You get one YMCKO ribbon. This ribbon will provide you with a full color print on one side of the card. We also provide you with a K (Black) ribbon which is perfect for printing text and barcodes on one side of the card. These ribbons will get you started on your luggage tag printing.

    You also get 500 luggage tags! These are white vertically slotted 30 mil PVC cards that are ready for use. They are the same size as a standard gift card. Once your design is set, load your printer and go. In no time you will have your own custom made luggage tags.

    The last thing you need before you're ready to go is luggage loops to attach your brand new tags to your bags. We even have you covered for that! You get 500 clear 6" luggage loops. Buying this kit will get you everything you need to print custom, eye-catching luggage tags.

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    How it Works

    So this kit contains everything you need, but maybe you’re not convinced yet. With this kit, you get the printer and all the supplies for it to run smoothly. The printer and card software are both Zebra brand and designed to work together seamlessly. The software makes designing your card as easy as possible! With the ribbons, you get a 200 full color prints and up to 2000 black monochrome prints. The Load-N-Go design makes setting up your printer a breeze. The cards come pre-slotted so you just load them into your printer and you are ready to go! Finally when you have your cards printed, you have luggage loops that easily attach your tags to your bags!

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    Add-On Supplies:

    Colored Cards are the perfect way to add an extra personal touch to your luggage tags. We offer a wide range of colors to ensure we have what you are looking for!
    Luggage Loops are available in both 6" and 9" in a variety of colors.
    Slot Punches allow you to customize where you attach the card.
    Luggage Tag Holders protect your cards and work to add the pop of color without the added cost of using colored cards.

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    Part Numbers

    Zebra ZC100: ZC11-0000000US00, ZC110000000US00, ZCD-ZC110000000US00
    Zebra Classic CardStudio: P1031773-001 ZCD-P1031773001
    Zebra Load-N-Go Full Color YMCKO Ribbon: 800100-150, 800100150, ZCM-800100150
    Zebra Load-N-Go Monochrome Black Ribbon: 800300-303, 800300303, ZCM-800300303
    500 Vertically Slotted White PVC Cards: portrait-slotted-white-card
    500 Clear 6" Luggage Loops: PLW-1, 2410-2000

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