Zebra ZXP 8 Key Tag Printer Kit

Zebra ZXP 8 Key Tag Printer Kit
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    Zebra ZXP 9 KeyTag Printer Kit

    Now we have everything you need to print keychain membership cards! Carrying a card that’s the size of a credit card can crowd your wallet. Why not just use a card that clips on to your keys? This is the perfect place for your membership or rewards card!

    This kit includes:
    Zebra ZXP Series 9 Retransfer Single-Sided Card Printer
    Zebra Classic CardStudio Software
    Zebra xi Series Full Color YMCK Ribbon (625 print)
    Zebra xi Series Monochrome Black Ribbon (2500 prints)
    Zebra xi Series Retransfer Film (1250 prints)
    500 2UP Key Tags

    The ZXP Series 9 Retransfer Printer is the best choice in retransfer printers. These printers offer a true side to side cover of the card. No more little white borders! Zebra boasts near-photo quality images on their cards. This printer will give you great quality along with fast printing!

    This kit also provides you with the software to make your cards. Zebra Classic Card Studio makes designing good looking cards easy. This software will guide you through all the steps necessary to set up your cards and get them printing in no time!

    We give you one full color (YMCK) ribbon, one black (K) ribbon and one roll of retransfer film to get you started. This is perfect for printing a color image on one side of the key tags and a barcode on the opposite side. The color ribbon will give you crisp images and vivid color and the black ribbon will print bold and clear barcodes.

    You also get 500 2-UP key tag cards! Each card has 2 key tags on it. They are perfect for printing membership cards and rewards cards.

    Part #s
    Zebra ZXP Series9: Z81-000C0000US00, Z81-0M0C0000US00
    Zebra CardStudio Classic: P1031773-001 ZCD-P1031773001
    Zebra xi Series Full Color YMCK Ribbon: 800012-445 ZCD-800012445
    Zebra xi Series Monochrome Black Ribbon: 800012-901 ZCD-800012901
    Zebra xi Series Retransfer Film: 800012-601 ZCD-800012601
    500 2UP Key Tag Cards: 8030-UP2