Zebra ZC Series Half Panel YMCKO Ribbon, 400 Prints

Zebra ZC Series Half Panel YMCKO Ribbon, 400 Prints
    Code: 800300-370
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         This ribbon is made exclusively for use in Zebra Technology's ZC100 and ZC300 card printers. The term "Half Panel" refers to the fact that with this ribbon you can print up to half of the width of the card with color, or YCM (yellow, magenta, and cyan.)  Black can be printed on the whole card if you choose, and the overlay will cover the entirety of the card. This ribbon has twice the amount of prints availiable than the standard YMCKO ribbon, saving you money.
         The simple to load cartridge design of this ribbon makes replacing old ribbons the easiest it has been in Zebra history. If you are unsure if it has been installed correctly do not fear, the printer will let you know when the ribbon is not seated correctly. 
         If you would like to test out this ribbon but need cards, click here.

    Part #s  800300-370, 800300370, ZCM-800300370