Zebra ZC300 YMCKO Color Ribbon, 200 prints

Zebra ZC300 YMCKO Color Ribbon, 200 prints
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         This YMCKO ribbon is created specifically for Zebra's ZC300 card printer.  YMCKO stands for yellow, magenta, cyan, black, and overlay.  This ribbon prints in vibrant color. Perfect for ID cards, membership cards, and gift cards.  The overlay will protect the images on your card from the harshness of the world, keeping it as fresh as the day it was printed.  
         The newly designed ribbon cartridge allows complete novices to easily replace used ribbons and get back to printing fast.  A built in cleaning roller keeps your cards coming out clean and crisp for the entirety of the ribbon. Looking for cards to try this ribbon on? Click here.

    Part #s 800300-350, 800300350, ZCM-800300350