Datacard YMCKK SP75 Plus Printer Ribbon

Datacard YMCKK SP75 Plus Printer Ribbon
    Code: 534000-009
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    Datacard YMCKK Dual Sided Printer Ribbon 534000-009

    This ribbon is perfect for dual sided printing. With it you get a full color front by utilizing the YMCK (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black) panels much like a color inkjet printer.On the back, the black panel will provide black text and elements. This makes this ribbon perfect for printing gift cards and membership cards. You get brilliant color on the front and black on the back which is perfect for fine print.

    With this ribbon you get up to 500 cards printed. It is designed to work with the Datacard SP75 and SP75Plus ID badge printers. This ribbon is designed to work with the direct to card printing process. In this process the color adheres directly to the card.

    Ribbon Specifications

    Brand - DataCard
    Compatible Printers - SP75 & SP 75 Plus
    Single or Dual Sided Printing - Dual Sided
    Number of Panels - 5; Front - Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black; Back - Black
    Number of Cards - 500 Cards

    Part Number 534000-009
    Replaces part number 552854-510