Zebra ZXP Series 1 & 3 Printer Cleaning Kit 105999-302

Zebra ZXP Series 1 & 3 Printer Cleaning Kit 105999-302
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    Dust builds up in your printer as a result of use. This can hinder your printer’s performance. Keep it clean with this printer cleaning kit!

    This kit contains 4 print engine cleaning cards and 4 feeder cleaning cards. This kit should keep your printer clean for up to 4,000 prints! This cleaning kit is made for the ZXP Series 3 and ZXP Series 1 printers.

    Print Engine Cleaning Cards work to keep your printhead clean. As dust builds up, your prints can start losing some of their crispness or even worse, get lines in your prints! The print engine cleaning card is designed to remove the dust and debris that can build up to help ensure quality prints.

    The Feeder Cleaning Cards clean the whole feeding path of the card. It picks up dust and particles on the track to stop them from damaging your cards.

    Kit Contents

    - 4 Print Engine Cleaning Cards
    - 4 Feeder Cleaning Cards

    Cleaning Kit Specifications

    Manufacturer – Zebra Technologies
    Compatible Printers – ZXP Series 1, ZXP Series 3

    Part #s 105999-302, 105999302, ZCD-105999302, 105999-301, 105999-101, 105999101