Zebra Adhesive Cleaning Rollers (Set of 5)

Zebra Adhesive Cleaning Rollers (Set of 5)
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    Zebra Card Printers Adhesive Cleaning Roller Set of 5

    Keeping your printer clean is essential to keeping it printing its best. PVC cards can bring in dust and other debris that will build up in your printer and damage the printhead. The adhesive cleaning roller works to prevent this. The roller uses a mild adhesive to remove any dust or dirt left on the cards before they enter your printer! A clean printer is a happy printer.

    Brand - Zebra
    Compatible printers - P300C, P310C, P310F, P310i, P320i, P330m, P330i, P400, P420C, P420i, 430i, P500, P520C, P600, P720C, P720i

    Part # 105912-003, ZCD-105912003