Zebra/Eltron Cleaning Cards & Swabs

Zebra/Eltron Cleaning Cards & Swabs
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    Zebra/Eltron Cleaning Cards & Swabs

    This generic cleaning kit contains 5 cleaning cards & 5 swabs. It is designed for use to clean Zebra / Eltron printers. The cleaning cards and swabs are used to prevent debris and dust from building up in your printer and damaging the printhead.

    Compatible Printers - P205, P210i, P300C, P310C, P310F, P310i, P320i, P330m, P330i, P400, P420C, P420i, P430i, P500, P520C, P520i, P600, P620, P630i, P640i, P720i, P720C

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