Hypoallergenic 30" Nickel-Free Neck Chains (100/Pack)

Hypoallergenic 30" Nickel-Free Neck Chains (100/Pack)
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    2125-1510 Hypoallergenic 30" Nickel-Free Steel Neck Chains

    These steel beaded chain is specifically designed for people who are allergic to nickle. They are perfect for healthcare uses because they are an inexpensive way to keep your IDs accessible. Nurses can use these instead of bulky lanyards. These chains use a connector that is easy to use. These beaded chains are the perfect way to hold IDs.

    Product Specs

    Modity Inc. sells these chains in packs of 100.
    Material: Steel
    Product Dimensions: 30" (762mm)
    Bead Size: No. 3 (2.3mm)
    Closure Type: Bead Chain Connector

    Part # 2125-1510