Modity's Best Break-Away Polyester Lanyards (100/Pack)

Modity's Best Break-Away Polyester Lanyards (100/Pack)
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    End Attachment:
    No-Flip Hook
    Split Ring
    Swivel Hook
    Bull-Dog Clip
    Navy Blue
    Royal Blue

    Best Flat Break-Away Polyester Lanyards BL-34 100 pack

    Click here to see this lanyard custom printed with your logo!

    Modity Inc offers these quality lanyards in packs of 100. We offer a variety of colors and end attachments so there is something for everyone! The lanyards are ideal for office and student use. We can customize them with your school’s or business’s name, motto, or logo! They are perfect for use as promotional items as well1

    Lanyards are also a useful tool for visitor management. Simply designate a color for visitors and attach a visitor badge to any of the end fittings. This way your visitors are quickly and easily visible to you and your employees.

    Lanyards make keeping track of your ID card easy. Just clip it on and you're ready to go. These lanyards also have a built-in break-away safety precaution. When they are being pulled too hard, the back separates and the lanyard comes right off. This eliminates a chocking hazard and makes this lanyard a safer choice. The braid makes these lanyards durable.

    These lanyards pair perfectly with badge holders as well as slotted cards.

    Lanyard Specifications:

    Material - Polyester
    Lanyards per Pack - 100 Lanyards
    Width - 3/8" (10mm) flat braid.
    Cut Length - 36" (941mm)
    Customizable - Yes

    Available in Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, and Red.
    Available with a swivel hook, bull-dog clip, split ring, and "No flip" plastic hook.

    - Swivel-hook – Nickel-plated Steel J hook that attaches easily and securely to slotted cards and badge holders
    - Bulldog Clip – Nickel-plated Steel clip that attaches to cards without requiring slot!
    - Split ring – A nickel-plated steel key ring that works for holding company keys as well as slotted IDs.
    - “No-flip” Plastic Hook – Plastic hooks that attach through a slotted card or badge holder and securely holds your ID or badge holder. Since this hook is plastic, it is safe for those with metal allergies! *A best seller!*

    Part Numbers BL-34, BL34, 2137-4744, 21374744

    Part #s
    BL-34, BL34, M34h-
    BL-34h, BL34H, BL-34H-BLK, BL-34H-NBLU, BL-34H-RBLU, BL-34H-GRN, BL-34H-RED, BL-34H-WHT
    BL-34s, BL34S, BL-34S-BLK, BL-34S-NBLU, BL-34S-RBLU, BL-34S-GRN, BL-34S-RED, BL-34S-WHT
    BL-34R, BL34R, BL-34R-BLK, BL-34R-NBLU, BL-34R-RBLU, BL-34R-GRN, BL-34R-RED, BL-34R-WHT
    BL-34C, BL34C, BL-34C-BLK, BL-34C-NBLU, BL-34C-RBLU, BL-34C-GRN, BL-34C-RED, BL-34C-WHT