Pre-Printed Breakaway Identification Lanyards (100/Pack)

Pre-Printed Breakaway Identification Lanyards (100/Pack)
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    Event Staff

    Pre-printed Identification Lanyards

    Perfect Lanyards for companies tracking access in their businesses!!

    Quickly and clearly identify people by their lanyards! Modity Inc. offers a variety of lanyards to make this possible. Better yet, they are pre-printed. No need to pay extra for custom printing.

    These Pre-Printed Lanyards quickly identify visitors and the reason they are there.

    The 5/8" ployester pre-printed lanyard has a white Break-away connector, a great safety feature.  The lanyard also has a swivel hook, for easily attaching a slotted ID card or badge holder.

    The different Pre-Printed lanyards available are:

            The VISITOR lanyard is red with white lettering.

            The CONTRACTOR lanyard is a royal blue with white lettering.

            The STAFF lanyard is black with white lettering.

            The VOLUNTEER lanyard is purple with white lettering. 

            The EVENT STAFF lanyard is orange with black lettering.     

    Lanyard Specifications

    Sold in packs of 100.
    Material: Polyester
    Breakaway: Yes
    End-Fitting Type: Swivel Hook
    Width: 5/8"
    Cut Length: 36"

    Part # 2138-5220, 2138-5215, 2138-5210, 2138-5230, 2138-5200, 21385220, 21385215, 21385210, 21385230, 21385200