Heavy Duty Chrome Metal Badge Reels (25 Reels)

Heavy Duty Chrome Metal Badge Reels (25 Reels)
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    Durable Metal Case Badge Reel  - Reels Per Pack - 25 Badge Reels

    Are you done with fragile plastic badge reels?

    Try these heavy duty metal ones instead! No more cracking plastic. The metal case gives you durability. The reels have a nylon cord and clear vinyl strap clip to hold your slotted card in place. With a slide clip back, these reels attach right on your belt so you always know where your badge is. The standard strap clip is perfect for use with slotted ID badges or office keys!

    Reel Specifications:

    Material - Metal
    Product Dimensions - 1-1/2" (38mm)
    Label Size - 1-1/2" (38mm)
    Reel Diameter - 1-1/2" (38mm)
    Customizable - Yes
    End-Fitting Type - Vinyl Strap
    Label Imprint Size - 1-1/8" (35mm)
    Strap Type - Clear Vinyl
    Clip Type - Belt Clip
    Color - Chrome or Black
    Reels Per Pack - 25 Badge Reels

    Part #s 2120-3300, 21203300, 505-HD-BLKCRM, 505hdblkcrm, 505-HD-CRM, 505hdcrm, 2120-3305, 21203305, Y843854