Wrist Coil with Split Ring & Vinyl Strap (250/Pack)

Wrist Coil with Split Ring  & Vinyl Strap (250/Pack)
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    Wrist Coil with Clear Split Ring & Clear Vinyl Strap

    Tired of lanyards and chains getting in your way while you work? Use a wrist coil instead. This coil can be worn around the wrist to hold things you need to use often or worn just above the elbow to keep it out of the way. They are perfect for holding keys or IDs. They can be used in retail for managers to hold on to their keys or access cards. They could be used in the medical field to for nurses and hospital staff to keep ID badges on hand. These coils will help you keep track of your ID without getting in the way. The coil is available in clear, black, blue, green, or red. Modity Inc. sells these coils in packs of 250.

    Material: Vinyl
    End-Fitting Type: Vinyl Strap & Split Ring
    Ring Size: 7/8" Nickel-Plated Split Ring
    Strap Size: 2 3/4" (70mm)
    Coil Size: 25mm
    Expanded Size: 2 1/2" X 14 1/2" (63.5mm - 368mm)

    Part # 2140-620, 2140-6200, 2140-6201, 2140-6202, 2140-6204, 2140-6206