XceedID Access Proximity KeyFob (100 Pack)

XceedID Access Proximity KeyFob (100 Pack)
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    XceedID KeyFob 7610

    Lose the proximity card and move instead to a prox keyfob! This fob attaches right to your key ring. If you drive to work, you need your keys. This removes the chance of forgetting your ID at home and locking you out of the building. The keyfob works in the same way that a proximity card would. It is coded to open doors. This product compares to HID 1346 Proximity Fobs. You get 100 key fobs per order!

    The benefit of moving to key fobs is saving money. Now you could buy standard PVC cards for your IDs and print them as needed but the fob stays on your ring and thus it becomes much harder to lose!


    Manufacturer – Allegion
    Brand – XceedID
    Credential Type – Key fob
    Credential Technology; ISO Standard – 125 kHz Prox
    Dimensions – 2” x 1.24” x 0.38”
    Slot Punch – Key Ring
    Fobs per Order – 100 Key Fobs

    Part # 7610
    Compares to HID Part # 1346