Horizontally Slotted Mag Stripe Plastic PVC Cards (500/Box)

Horizontally Slotted Mag Stripe Plastic PVC Cards (500/Box)
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    Horizontally Slotted Plastic PVC Cards with Mag Stripe

    These blank white 30 mil Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Cards are horizontally slotted and have a magnetic stripe. We sell the cards in boxes of 500 cards. They are perfect for use as access cards. The slot works with strap clips and badge reels to help you always keep track of your ID Card.

    These ID cards and badges are compatible with all color and monochrome plastic card printers. Modity's Premier line of durable plastic cards enhance the print quality and image sharpness needed to produce near photo quality images and detailed readable bar codes. We guarantee the cards to be ISO-compliant, dust-free, and have smooth edges. Modity offers Premier (PVC) cards in 10 mil, 15 mil, 20 mil, 30mil and 50 mil thickness. Our cards provide high quality medium flexibility and temperature durability. They are recommended for all applications requiring edge-to-edge printing.

    The estimated life for Premier cards is 24 months with 3000 duty cycles. Applications for PVC cards are cards with moderate usage and controlled environments such as transit passes visitor badges identification cards and loyalty cards.

    Additional Features
    • magnetic stripe (LowCo or HighCo)
    •signature panel
    • We can customize these cards for you!