3/4" x 10" Colored Inspection Bands

3/4" x 10" Colored Inspection Bands
    Code: 0670
    Price: $60.00
    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
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    3/4" x 10" Colored Inspection Bands

    These bands are perfect when security is a priority. They are Non-Reusable and Non-Transferable. These bands must be cut to be removed. The bands feature a non-adhesive center that won't stick to handles or straps. They are perfect to be used by security after bags have been inspected. This will clearly mark that they have been inspected but the nonadhesive center will protect the bag from adhesive residue.

    Band Specifications.
    Product Dimensions - 3/4"x10"
    Text - Inspected
    Color - Blue, Green, Yellow, or Red
    Unit of Measurement - 1000 PER pack

    Part # 06703 (Blue), 06704 (Green), 06705 (Yellow), 06709 (Red)