HID Compatible XceedID ISO Combo Cards (100 Cards)

HID Compatible XceedID ISO Combo Cards (100 Cards)
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    HID Compatible XceedID 9958 ISO Combo Smart Cards

    These cards are XceedID ISO Card Combo 125 kHz/13.56MHz with MIFARE 4K Byte (32K bit) Smart access cards. Multi-technology ISO cards combine several contactless RFID technologies in a convenient, standardized form factor. The ISO compliant card is similar in size and thickness to traditional credit cards. The reason it is referred to as an “ISO” card is that its dimensions comply with standards specified in applicable ISO guidelines. The smooth, high quality surface is ideal for printing of custom artwork, images and photographs. An optional magnetic stripe is also available. ISO cards are the most popular credentials for large corporate photo ID badging. We sell these HID Proximity/Smart Card Reader Compatible cards in packs of 100.

    XceedID provided technology cards that work with their own brand of readers as well as with HID Global readers. Technology cards that work with multiple readers can be incorporated into your security system at a more gradual and seamless pace.

    Card Specifications

    Brand – aptiQ
    Card Type – MIFARE Multi- Technology Cards (Combo Cards)
    Dimensions – 3.37” x 2.125” x .033” (85.6 x 54 x .84 mm)
    Weight – 0.212 oz. (6 gm)
    Maximum Read Range* – XF 1060 Mini-Mullion up to 2.5”
    – XF 1100 Mullion up to 4.5”
    – XF 2100/2110 Mid-Range up to 6”
    Frequency – 13.56 MHz
    – 125 kHz
    Operating Temperature – -50 to 160 F (-45 to 70 C)
    Material – PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
    ISO Standard – ISO 7813 Compliant

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