White Zebra Z-Band Direct 1.25" x 11" Wristbands

White Zebra Z-Band Direct 1.25" x 11" Wristbands
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    Classic White wristbands for High Volume Printing! 10006648

    These classic wristbands are perfect for medical use. They are white adult size wristbands. This roll is designed for high volume printing. Zebra developed these wristbands to be resistant to hand sanitizers making it ideal for hospital and other medical facilities.

    Size:1.25" X 11"
    Closure Type: Adhesive
    Single Day Wristband
    Bands per roll: 450
    These are MR-Safe wristbands!
    Compatible with Tabletop/Industrial printers like the S4M.
    These bands are sold by the roll.

    Z-Band Direct
    - Classic wristband.
    - Adhesive closure.
    - Resistance to hand sanitizers such as Purell.
    - Scannable up to 14 days.

    Part # 10006648, ZEB-100066

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    Zebra’s HC100™ allows you to print patient information and barcodes directly on Z-Band® direct thermal wristbands.
    In addition, Zebra’s Z-Band direct thermal wristbands:
    • Feature a silver antimicrobial coating that protects the wristband.
    • Are scannable for up to 14 days.
    • Enable staff to quickly and easily print and securely fasten in less than a minute using an adhesive tab or color clip.
    • Zebra’s Z-Band wristbands are made of polypropylene. The direct thermal imaging chemistry is composed primarily of leuco dies and developers. The inks/ varnishes used are UV varnishes and water based inks. There is no metal content in or on these particular patient identification bands. Therefore, Z-Band wristbands are considered to be MR-Safe.